Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lessons from my Life

I have been thinking for a long time that I should write about things which have helped me in my life. There are different things I learnt as I grew up as everyone else does in their life. I want to share the good stuff from my life and I hope that it helps someone out there who is young or just needs to know.

Talk about compliments :

Ha~ Ok so I am going to give a lecture on compliments. I feel people don't compliment each other enough. I don't know why. Maybe sometime we want to say something nice to someone and then decide not to say it as we think that person may take it in the wrong way. Or we feel that it's not such a big deal, we will say it some other day. I think this is sad. We have such a short life! If we want to say something nice to someone - just say it. If a good word brings a smile on someone's face then why lose that opportunity to bring that smile? Why are we so stingy? Why we think so much?? lol. ..

I used to be very shy so even when I wanted to compliment someone, I didn't say it. Especially I was shy to talk with men. My shyness was such a terrible thing for me. All I could do was just smile! lol...and my cheeks would go all red! Phew..stupid me.....I couldn't make me open my lips to say those good words!! But gradually I have changed. I speak freely with people now and yes, I compliment people when I really think they have done something nice or they deserve to hear something nice. The thought that goes on in my mind is there is so much sadness in this world. So we should never let go any single chance( even a little one like complimenting someone) to make someone happy or to spread the joy ~~

A few months ago I was at a nice restaurant with some friends. We had a lovely lunch. Then they gave us a form to fill - the feedback form - the chef was around - curious to know what we thought about the food. To be honest, it was really nice food, awesome taste. I wrote all that in the form and returned it. And a few mintues later the chef and the manager came running to our table. I was thinking - oh my what did I write?? :) The manager asked me - you have written such good things about our food and restaurant, thank you so much but in the rating section you have rated us only as Good and not Excellent - was there something wrong or something that you didn't like which made you mark us as Good? I said , 'Oh , that!' Giving them the nicest smile I know , I said , actually my mom is the only Excellent cook I know - for the rest of the world I would only say Good ;-) hehe....They both laughed heartily and so did everyone else at the table! :-) Moral of the story - be honest with compliments. Don't say it ,if you don't mean it. ;))

I like to compliment people. I like to smile. :) It makes me feel good and makes my life beautiful. I know there are lots of rotten apples out there - greedy, grumpy or wicked people - we can't be cold because of that as there are many good people too out there. We are not going to take our thoughts to the grave ;) hehe... so might as well share it with others around as long as they are good thoughts.. :)))))

Smiles and Joy to you ~~

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