Friday, November 5, 2010


Have you ever given a book to someone and never got it back from them? How did it feel ? 
I have lost many books to many friends over the past several years. I love reading books and also like sharing them with anyone I know that likes reading. So many times my friends forget to return my book. Sometimes they go away to other places and take my book away with them , sometimes they are here and don't remember that they took my book and worst case they really lost it!

I have tiny list in which I maintain the names of the books and the borrowers. In case I don't get back a book after many , many months. I write it off as a 'Gift' to that friend.  :-) I feel a bit sad if it happens to be a book that I really liked.

I don't like books stagnating on my home library shelves. Books are meant to be read and if it means I lose few books while I lend them around, I am Ok with that. I just hope people who take those books away read them or at least share them with someone, somewhere.  I think I am a chronic 'book lender' and minor setbacks don't hold me back. I love reading and sharing the joy of reading. 

Books are fun and there is so much knowledge hidden in so many books around the world. If only I knew more languages, I could have read more books from authors from other countries too in the original languages instead of their English translations.  


  1. I go back to the borrower and reminds the fellow that my book is with him and he is supposed to return it.
    Even if I do not get the book, then I try to avoid giving another book

  2. Yes, I try that too - remind people. It works sometimes :)



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