Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abandoned Puppy

Found a little female puppy abandoned nearby. What kind of wicked people can leave a pup to die on the street? Human cruelty - when will it ever end? My brother said,'' people can do this to little children so don't fret, this is just a dog''. She couldn't even drink milk from a bowl.....was so hungry when we finally managed to feed it.

Good news - we have found her a new home! :) My brother and sis-in-law ran around to animal shelter and to a pup adoption center since we found her this morning. Luckily one of his work mates wanted to adopt a puppy and was looking for a pup! The little abandoned puppy has found a good home! In this short time this little beauty also got a name - Leona! (psssstt...named after Leona Lewis)

Leona (on the right)  in her new home with her new sister Rugbee

So to this idiot who threw this few months old puppy (brown/black) @ some road in viman nagar on 12/12/10 morning - she is going to be with better human beings than you - lucky her! 

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