Friday, October 15, 2010

The Foreign Hand by Subroto Bagchi

An interesting article about the "The Foreign Hand". Indians would be able to catch this term easily as we as a nation have got accustomed to hearing about 'the Foreign Hand'. But it looks like countries like America are also picking up on it now!

From the article:

 The quantum of government contracts that comes to Indian IT companies is a fraction of the nearly $57 billion of export business we do all over the world. So, whether Ohio or some other US state bans outsourcing, there would be miniscule impact on Indian companies. But, on the other hand, the rhetoric could mislead the American people and create a “whipping boy” mentality that blames the Indian IT industry that has become synonymous with the term “outsourcing.” In addition to making outsourcing feel “unpatriotic,” it could create fear in the in the minds of the American private sector. What is extremely disconcerting is the fact that any opinion coming from the US President becomes the overall sentiment, the official line on any subject. That alone is bound to affect the US law enforcement and border agencies. We are beginning to see isolated, though serious acts of unfriendliness. Unchecked, such posturing can hurt the complex supply chain process in which bits and bytes that travel by ether need a substantial free-flow of human beings between the two countries. So far, the industry has acted with restraint in the face of US utterances but continued silence could signal servility. Hence, a few key issues need to be raised by us ahead of the US President’s proposed visit to India later this year.

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